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This is a list of charities in Algeria that are featured for their history, reliability, impact and consistency in delivering on promises. The below note-worthy organizations are accepting direct donations.
They share our non-partisan, non-political and non-religious position.
Listed in alphabetical order.

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SOS Childrens’ Village – Algeria
At present there is one SOS Children’s Village, one SOS Youth Facility, one SOS Kindergarten and four SOS Social Centres in Algeria.
SOS Children’s Villages has been reaching out to the country’s young people and children in order to support and protect them.
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United Nations’ World Food Programme
WFP has been working in Algeria since 1986 and focuses on three key areas: General food distribution, Nutrition & School meals.
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Please help us ensure health, security & education to children; it’s easy, all you have to do is to click once a day, every day on the button below and a donation will be made to Children.
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Updated 2-AUG-2021


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