As one of the core values of The Olive Tree SAL, the owner & operator of, Transparency is something we pride ourselves in practicing with all our transactions and partners. And although we are a for-profit company, our values are equally shared by many of our non-profit counterparts. Everyday, we work to empower people everywhere to help make a difference.

As such, we publish our quarterly receipts and business reports (coming soon). Only through openness and clarity can great things progress be made. Learn more about our purpose, values and mission here.

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Bankers / Auditors / Lawyers
The Olive Tree S.A.L.
Commercial Registration Number: 3278602

Law Office of Farid H. El Khoury
211 Kazanjian Center – Horsh Tabet
P.O. Box 2345/116 Palace of Justice
Beirut – Lebanon

Audi Bank
Beirut – Lebanon
Account No.: 714787 702 001 016 02
USD Account: LB62 0056 0007 1478 7702 0010 1601

Elie H. Dorkhom, Certified Public Accountant
Member of L. A. C. P. A.
Hitachi Center, Sin el Fil Boulevard
P.O.Box 11-8875, Beirut – Lebanon

The Olive Tree SAL is the registered name of the company and is the owner of

No offshore accounts or attempts to create complicated opaque company structures with loopholes for tax exemption has ever been, and will never be carried out. Full tax registration and payment has and will always be done in Lebanon.

According to Lebanese commercial law, changes in the company ownership or structure must be registered and made public.

Accordingly, we will be soon publishing regular reports of our impact.
If you would like to know more about any of the above, contact us:

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