is owned & operated by The Olive Tree S.A.L. – a social enterprise startup from Lebanon making an impact for the common good.

Our Vision
More than our aim: our purpose

Empower people & organizations to do good.

Our Principles
Our moral code & what we stand for

  • Collaboration
    Only together as a collective, can we bring about real change and betterment to society.
  • Transparency
    We conduct our business with a high level of transparency and a simple development model and we publish our impact publicly.
  • Innovation
    We use our skills and creativity to make the world a better place. We want to make it possible to both inform and take action to solve the problems we discover.
  • Inclusion
    We champion the inclusion of everyone in society, whether it is part of civic inclusion or charitable inclusion.
  • Leadership
    We believe in taking the lead whenever wherever required by empowering individuals and organizations to influence others towards common goals.

Our Objectives
What we seek to do

  • Raising Awareness
    Civil society’s active role and through active collaboration.
  • Raising Hope
    Enabling the use of technology to innovate ways of contributing to the wellness and welfare of society.
  • Raising Standards
    Education, Reporting, Communication to & from civil society in the Arab World.

Our Mission
How we will do it’s impact-driven mission is to improve the status and welfare of people in the Arab World and beyond by offering community information, expertise and new opportunities to connect, collaborate, and campaign to offer real support for real issues.
We do not wish to change the world, but to transform it through our adopted sustainable, multi-phased approach in rolling out our service offerings for the common good.

All our services are multilingual
Most of our services ensure accessibility


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NGO Portal

Considered as the heart of civil society of the Arab World, which includes various third-sector tools, including the reference index for all Arab-based and Arab-destined Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) – currently with 3847 entries and countingit remains a work in constant progress with our references cited by news organizations such as The New York Times, Euronews, RT, The Daily Star, AFP and The Huffington Post.
Click here to see the full listing of NGO’s operating in Arab states.

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Click to Help

Bringing exciting & innovative ways for organizations, fundraisers, and visitors of all ages to be able to support various causes. We’ve begun with the Middle East’s first traditionally disruptive donor platform: Click-to-Help, home of free donations to worthwhile causes where it costs visitors nothing, except a few seconds of their time.
Show your support with our hashtag #arabhelp.

While cannot be a substitute to reforming the donor system, we work to add new channels to it. We are proud to provide opportunities where funds which would may not have existed without our platform, go directly to our reputed beneficiaries – and that’s a powerful statement.

How does it work?


Inspired by LVP

“We rise by lifting others”

Our Identity

Ever since our identity first publically appeared in 2002, it has since been modified with simpler lettering with a logo of neutral colour of orange comprising basic elements of symbolism to portray a pattern distinct to the Arab World.
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Fully upgraded interface


NGO Portal launched


NGO Jobs launched in collaboration with


Click-to-Help launched, you click – we donate


Setup of The Olive Tree SAL, a social enterprise to run & operate


Work begins under BinAnton Limited


Logo appears for first time – now a registered & protected trademark, learn more here

1996 domain registered

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