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It’s Fast, Super Easy and Free!

How do you change the world in 4 steps?

1. You visit looking to learn and do something worthwhile online.

2. You use Click to Help functionality on for the causes important to you.

3. In return for positive exposure of their ads, our sponsors donate money on your behalf.

4. The donations are in turn given to relevant United Nations agencies.

Go ahead and try it for yourself and you can even see your impact in real-time results!
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No credit card required

No money required

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Welcome to the most innovative way of contributing to causes you care about with a simple click.

Although click-to-donate mechanisms haven been used before in some countries, we are proud to be the first to bring such a platform available in the Middle East 🙂

It’s easy, all you have to do is to click once a day, every day on the button associated with the causes dearest to you and the funds generated based on the number of your kind clicks will be sent only to the intended and trusted UN agencies as beneficiaries.

Collaboration at its best! On one side a person accesses the site and makes a click. The other, a sponsor gives and in return has relevant exposure. We believe that is fair play.
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24octAll DayWorld Development Information Day

27octAll DayWorld Day for Audiovisual Heritage

31octAll DayWorld Cities Day