Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Foundation
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Organization's Name in Arabic
مؤسسة سلطان بن عبدالعزيز الخيرية

SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ AL-SAUD FOUNDATION has been established by HRH Prince SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ accordance with the Royal Decree No. 77/A, in 20 Shaba’n 1415 Ah (21 January 1995). As in a charity Foundation with legal personality

To be a leading charity institution that effectively contributes to serving and developing the society.

“Helping people to help themselves”.

The objectives:
– Providing health and social care, as well as comprehensive rehabilitation for the disabled and the elderly people of both genders.
– Finding convalescence, nursing and rehabilitation houses as well as providing specialized human resources, clinical and laboratory equipment.
– Raising the awareness of the importance of using home and social care methods for the disabled and elderly people, as well as spreading the awareness to recognize the manifestations of premature aging, physical and mental disability.
– Providing prosthetic and compensatory devices that help the disabled and elderly people to adjust to their conditions, and to try to provide every possible means of assistance to those who need it.
– Supporting researches in the field of humanitarian services provided by the Foundation, and supporting academic and applied studies in all the fields related to disability, old age and its diseases as well as studies to determine the cause of these diseases and prevention programs.

Phone Number
Takhassusi Street, next to Princess Latifa bint Sultan bin Abdulaziz
Saudi Arabia
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