The below statistics are only to the entries which we have identified and reviewed and admitted into our database, which is a perpetual task (keeping them up-to-date and re-verified).
It must be further noted that there exists tens of thousands of CSO’s serving the Arab states for which we will continue our journey to sort and filter most, if not all of them in due course.
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Total Countries listed: 22
(and selected cities)
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Total main Activities listed: 11
(with 44 different sub-Activities)
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Statistics correct as on January 30th, 2022 with 3,869 entries

    The Road Ahead
There’s so much more to be done!

Country Listed on Estimated total organizations Remarks
Algeria 152 1,027 National Associations 92,627 Local Associations
Egypt 231 47,312 2016 estimate
Iraq 62 3,471 Kurdistan: 4,100 NGOs
Jordan 251 5,108 Ministry of Social Development, 2016
Lebanon 740 8,500 Ministry of Interior
Morocco 39 116,836
Palestine 420 3,600 Ministry of Interior, 2016
Saudi Arabia 59 900 Ministry of Labor and Social Development, 2016
736 registered associations & 164 registered foundations
Tunisia 1,005 21,000 Approximated figure, 2017
UAE 104 249 NGOs MOCD, 2020
Yemen 102 10,000 Approximated figure

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