Palestine general union for charitable societies
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The General Union is a syndicalism-oriented society its aims social equality and equal opportunities and it is the union of a national non-profit, founded in -1990, in the city of Jerusalem, under the Social Associations and Organizations Act No. 12 of 1958, it operates in all provinces of the country, has a membership of 400 charities in the member unions that operate in the northern West Bank, central and southern and a set of deployed in the Gaza Strip associations Union works at all levels to deliver the worries and difficulties faced by associations for officials and ministries, where the Union is trying to create an encouraging Palestinian environment for the success of the charitable social work based this on volunteer work creatively for the benefit and service of humanitarian social groups marginalized and poorer The least fortunate.

The EU also seeks to achieve the meaning of citizenship truth among all segments of society, through the development of its members abilities to promote charitable social work to get to a decent life for citizens, and the pressure on the authorities concerned to provide an encouraging environment for social charitable work, also works to attract volunteers and to build and create leadership to build an integrated society in cooperation with all companies in the public and private sectors and public and private entities.

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