Mutamaizoun Guelma

Mutamaizoun Guelma
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Organization's Official Name: Mutamaizoun Guelma
Organization's Name in Arabic: الجمعية الولائية لترقية الشباب و الطفولة – متميزون قالمة –
Acronym: متميزون
Organization's Name in another language: Association for the Promotion of Youth and Childhood – Distinguished Guelma –
Type: Governmental

Mutamaizoun (“Distinguished” in the English language) from Guelma is the result of planning for some young people who are jealous of his society and his mandate, these young people want to provide service to the public through this official body, which held its founding association on April 16, 2018 at the youth home of Mohammedi Youssef Guelma in the presence of twenty special people.

– Devote the national spirit to starch and youth, especially the entire society
– Effective contribution to the revival and glorification of days, national and religious holidays and events.
– Carry out charitable initiatives and develop the voluntary spirit of the youth, especially the entire society.
– Establishing a culture of purposeful association activity in youthful circles
– Developing the social spirit by organizing scientific, cultural and sports courses.
– Attention to the recreational and educational activities for children and young adults
– Participate in reviving and enriching the state’s cultural scene
– Contributing to protecting the environment and spreading environmental culture among the youth and youth, in particular, and all segments of society
– Sensitizing and contributing to fighting social pests.
– Voluntary tourism and youth exchanges

Phone Number: +213 670 22 22 59
City: Guelma
Address: Cite cheghib rabah – bloc 23 n 02
Country: Algeria


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