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Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union

Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union
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Organization's Official Name: Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union
Organization's Name in Arabic: إتحاد المقعدين اللبنانيين
Acronym: LPHU
Organization's Name in another language: Union libanaise des handicapés physiques
Type: Non-Governmental

The Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union was established in 1981, as a person with disabilities, to advance this group towards reaching the legitimate rights stipulated in international covenants, towards equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in society.

Throughout the Lebanese war, the Union poured out its work to promote civil peace and direct relief, culminating in that phase with signature campaigns in 1984, the peace march toward the crossings in 1985, and the Great Peace March in 1987, then moved after the Taif Agreement was devoted to devoting efforts to frame the issue in comprehensive legislation outside of a draft The law issued in 2000 bearing the number 220, and the 1990s witnessed a campaign of human rights demands, which the Union led with a great support from the various Lebanese civil society organizations, which harnessed great efforts to come out with legislation that was considered at that time one of the most comprehensive laws related to the rights of persons with disabilities.

Over the past years, the Union has focused on urging those concerned and influential people to implement Law 220/2000 by issuing the relevant ministries for implementation decrees related to fundamental rights, especially the right of access, decent work, education and learning, the inclusive environment, political and civil rights. Launching continuous campaigns and programs, at the forefront of which is the ongoing demand campaign, translating it on the ground through specific projects and time periods that serve the implementation of the law.

Phone Number: +961 1 807 366
City: Beirut
Address: Salah Al-Deen Ayoubi street, near Rotana Hotel
Country: Lebanon
Website Address:
  • Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union


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