Justice and Rehabilitation Association
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Organization's Name in Arabic
جمعية العدالة و رد الاعتبار فرع صفاقس
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Tunisie: Pour La Justice

The Justice and Rehabilitation Association was formed following a motionless human rights among the victims of tyranny immediately after the revolution of values 14.1.2011 to be completed later this dossier and the Canaanite is obtained on the final license in 17-11-2011.

And the human rights of all its members from the Association of Victims of tyranny in various currents ranging Balyousefaan passing trade unionists and left-wing and right up to the Islamists.

Greater Association of justice goals and rehabilitation: work on the response material and moral consideration for all freedom fighters against the dictatorship to work on the collective memory of purification taking, however, the victims of tyranny and reintegration at all levels to establish the concept of transitional justice and configuration of national reconciliation and fair documentation of all violations

And in the field of human rights we are aiming for
Solidarity with all persons and organizations nationally and internationally who have been subjected to violations of human rights.
-In women and children and inadequate housing, the right to water and the right to health and the fight against poverty, torture, forced disappearances and every field of human rights violations.
Definition of human rights and their dissemination and education on them.
The relevant authorities concerned and to work to protect and ensure respect for human rights and to support and justice for victims of violations.

To achieve these goals, extended branches of this Assembly in various states of Tunisia to hold rallies in each hand characterized by democracy, transparency and adopted delegated powers to the major branches.

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