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Happy Child Institute

Happy Child Institute
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Happy Child Institute
مؤسسة الطفل السعيد
Institut de l’enfant heureux

Happy Child institute is an educational institute that rehabilitates students and teaches them basic and additional skills that will help the children live independently. Examples of these skills are: daily chores, reading, writing and some easy calculations that are learned under the supervision and instructions of daily educators that are specialized in this field.

Our Mission
Rehabilitating and training children with mild and moderate mental retardation and working on discovering and developing their capabilities whether it was physical, psychological, mental, social, occupational or other abilities with an intention to involve them in the society. Furthermore the institute works on developing new production projects where children can cooperate to earn an income.

Working on increasing the awareness and knowledge of the society about these children “the causes of their condition, ways and methods to care for them, develop their skills…..”

Through mutual visits between the institute and other social parties “ schools, technical institutes, colleges, industries…..” and also introducing voluntary work to the society and emphasizing the importance to support this institute by their experiences to develop our work which also benefit our children.


Performing training workshops for the staff to follow modern practices.
Performing awareness campaigns in schools to introduce the children about disabilities and the importance to support them.
Mutual visits for additional interaction and involvement in society.
Recreational and educational trips.
Performing in-school fairs and participating in fairs outside the school where crafts done by the children are displayed.
Performing the end of year play by the children.
Participating in local athletic activities.

Skill development

Occupational craft workshops: ceramic, artificial flowers, pottery, candles, paper recycling, home waste recycling, chocolate, carpentry, mosaic, sweets and chocolate, gardening, tailoring and straw.
Therapy and development: Physiotherapy, speech therapy, and psychomotor.
Modern skills: Training on the use of computer and technological devices.

Future plans

A new block has been built to supply more services to the children of the institute and it is been equipped as following:
Basement: Occupational craft workshops will be moved to their new location in order to obtain more free spaces for academic classes and bed rooms in the old building.
Also new physiotherapy and sport equipments will be installed in the basement.
Ground floor: a hall used for events.
First floor: kitchen and classes
Third and fourth floor: administration house and additional bedrooms for children.
The backyard consists of a swimming pool and a public garden for the students and outsiders.
Adding to that it consists of an agricultural work shop to train children on gardening.
We are working on saving and collecting a specific amount of money in order to get a bigger bus that can transport safely a larger number of students.
The aim of these future projects is to:
Insure job opportunities with monthly incomes for the children.
Involve children in the society through interaction with people visiting the garden and swimming pool.
Provide an income for both the children and the institutes.

+961 71 236 415
+961 5 556 610
Hay Al-Watah – Aley, Mount Lebanon


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