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Alliance for Arab Women

Alliance for Arab Women
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Organization's Official Name: Alliance for Arab Women
Type: Non-Governmental
Activity: ,

Alliance for ArabWomen is a non-governmental organization, Flagrant in Ministry of Social Affairs in 1987 under the number 154, was adjust their positions according tothe law No. 184 of 2000, it target cultural and social side, as it work as anumbrella to a network of NGOs and cooperates with other Egyptian and Arab organizationsto provide women with basic human security through influencing policies andlegislations, and through providing services and programs within the frame workof human rights..

The Association configures network of 350 NGOs spreadthroughout the Republic; those organizations participate in the projectsimplemented by the Association. Also collaborated with a number of donors like,Swiss fund, USAID, UNDP, WITO, UN Women and UNICEF.

AAW has a consultative status with the UN ( ECOSOC) since1996. It has been selected, as the coordinator of Arab NGOs to prepare andparticipate in the 4th International Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995, todeliver the Arab NGOs statement in the UN General Assembly in 2000.


The Alliance for Arab Women strives to increase the capacityof women to be active and equal participants in their communities as well as topromote and strengthen the role of women in society.


The Alliance cooperates with other stakeholders – such as workers’ unions,universities and media – to raise awareness for women’s rights. For a betterfuture and in order to improve the present situation of the Egyptian woman, theAlliance aims to achieve the following objectives:

– Advocatemodels of programs and services relevant to the real needs of Arab Women,particularly those of the disadvantaged group

– Organizetraining programs to improve the socio-economic status of women and to enablethem to deal effectively with various institutions

– Convenedifferent kinds of meetings for open dialogue among those concerned andinvolved in Arab women’s issues and for raising the awareness within the Arabregion

– Disseminatethe knowledge, the skills and the attitudes, which will improve the variouspatterns of behavior within the Arab family

– Establishrelationships with various organizations concerned with the problems of women

Phone Number: +2-02-3939899
City: Cairo
Address: 28 Adly Street, Down Town, Cairo.
Country: Egypt


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