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Al Nady Al Araby

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Al Nady Al Araby

Cultural objectives in all fields of knowledge (science, literature, music) and social objectives by developing social bonds by strengthening ties of brotherhood among member of the club in particular and members of the society in general.

Victoria Bridge site overlooking the course of the Barada and facing station Hijaz the Arab Club and pass thousands of people from its proximity to every day, but few of them know the Arab Tarejh.valenada on that date honorable and bright pages in the national labor and political, social and cultural aspects where you start with the first inception simultaneous independence of Syria Ottoman Empire and continue with our inception second late thirties to the present day Hma.nscher Arabian club license on the seventh of June Aam.1919.m

The most important document in this regard the opening of King Faisal of Syria conference in the Arab club in Damascus hall after the entry of the French to the country club stopped working and ended its first phase and in the fifteenth of the month of February 1937, M. was re-established under the overall Arab nationalism and call for unity and away from the party logo and select System basic identity and the purpose of the club in the third article of it, a “revival of the history of the Arabs and the glory and the achievement of unity and dissemination of culture and the pursuit of whatever benefit the Arabs and promote them nationally, culturally, socially and economically,” and was the first Arab organization called for expanded comprehensive Arab unity. The last thing he has done Arab club and standing in the face of French power Aam1939.m and develop a plan to overthrow the Government of the board of directors, but a betrayal of one individual on and connected to the French power could be surprised by those responsible for it all has been referred to a military court sentenced some to death. And on the other a long prison term was raided by French Arab Club Center and closed it down with red wax.

Arab club interested in along with his libertarian side of social development and has devoted an important tradition is the day in which the orphan and distributes material and in-kind donations to children orphaned as the club was keen to celebrate other two days are Maysaloon Day and Memorial Day. The contributions made by the Arab Club program known as the revitalization of the village, where its members reside camp in the villages and in the camp doctor and agronomist and teacher give to the children of the villages and health extension services and education. Among the events celebrating the anniversary of the independence of Syria, which was announced on the eighth of March in 1920.m where The ceremony opens anthem (O Syria cradle of peace) and sealed anthem (Hama Diyar peace be upon you). Re-opening of the Arab Club Aam1945.m where he continued his role of national and established a commission on behalf of every citizen sentry for Palestine, as well as a special program on Radio Damascus spokesman Know your enemy and continued work in this area until the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and took a role in this area. As the Arab Club to collect donations during the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956 and handed over to the late Quwatli. After that period the Arab club to form committees to work included a cultural, social, philanthropic and each committee has its duties and responsibilities and operate under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

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+963 11 2247443
Port Said Street


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