21 Oct

Collaboration Is the New Competitive Edge

There aren’t many secrets among friends. At least not between, Kiva, and GlobalGiving. For nearly half a decade, my GlobalGiving colleagues and I have been sharing intel with these peers (and a few others) via monthly phone calls and occasional meet-ups. Because we’re all working to improve our giving communities, nearly every strategy and tactic is open for discussion. Especially when it comes to donor engagement and retention.

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13 Sep

The Arab world must get rid of the stagnation in its systems

Conflicts are generally disgraceful! However, conflicts that concern ideas should definitely be valued very highly. Ideas can only emerge, and eventually function, within a structure and an environment that allows their seeds to grow! This implies the existence of a dynamic network of well-educated and mature persons—‘professional society’ that is highly receptive and works on passing them on from one person to another until they are operating soundly.

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20 Aug

Is ‘tap and go’ a better way to give to charity?

A quick tap of my card and I’ve given Macmillan Cancer £10. It beats trying to avoid eye contact every lunch hour with a “charity mugger” or chugger.

In today’s fast-paced world, although we may hate to admit it, not many people have time to chat or reel off card details to a stranger for 10 minutes.

And figures show that while cash is still very widely used, people are increasingly turning to “tap and go”.

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18 Aug

Ces femmes, figures emblématiques de la Palestine

Ces femmes, figures emblématiques de la Palestine

Si l’implication des femmes dans la résistance à l’occupation n’est pas nouvelle, il reste très rare que l’on parle des palestiniennes autrement que comme des victimes ou des martyres. Pourtant, malgré une société toujours très inégalitaire où les femmes sont souvent réduites à leur rôle de mère et d’épouses, les Palestiniennes sont plus que jamais engagées. Hors de question pour elles de rester à l’arrière-plan. Certaines sont même devenues des figures emblématiques du combat palestinien. Que l’on soit d’accord ou non avec leurs méthodes, elles restent la preuve que dans la résistance aussi les femmes peuvent faire changer les choses!

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