11 Aug

Lebanon: How to help & ways to donate

With unprecedented social, medical, economic, financial and disasters, Lebanon is in dire need of support to overcome such hardship and challenges.
No people deserve to live under such circumstances and it’s important to ensure world support goes directly to people on the ground without government or bureaucracy.
Here’s a list of trusted organizations and updated campaigns for people who wish to do good, for Lebanon.

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03 Aug

To fix Arab societies, just listen to Arab citizens

The United Nations issued a powerful policy brief earlier this week that is essential reading for anyone interested in how the Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated regional trends that could bring some Arab countries to their knees, including deteriorating economies, rising poverty and vulnerability, and large-scale human suffering.

But the report’s conclusions and recommendations revert to cliched approaches that have been advocated for decades, with little impact.

This report deserves our attention, though, precisely because it captures in a succinct 27 pages all the major – and still growing – “decades-long challenges” that plague the Arab region’s 436 million people.

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15 Jun

What motivates innovative entrepreneurs: Money or altruism?

In today’s new world completely engulfed by COVID-19, all sorts of innovations are emerging to help the world overcome this difficult time: 3D printers are cranking out medical supplies; rapid advancements in testing have been made — now providing results in five minutes; teachers have transformed curricula to be taught entirely online. It’s humanity vs. the virus, and innovators around the world are acting as fast as they can.

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27 May

Empowering Arab Women Through an Innovative Form of Therapy

“Breathe. Hear your breath. Close your eyes. Imagine and feel your power from within. It’s OK to feel anxious, stressed, and left out. It is OK to step back a little. Visualize yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Is this the real me? Is this how I want people to see me? Is my reflection worth fighting for?’ You’ll discover the strong side of yourself.” Helping women discover their inner strength is more than just a passion for HH Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah. With these words of advice on how to regain control when feeling anxious, as well as her Intisar Foundation, she is changing the lives of women in the region in pioneering ways.

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