21 Oct

Collaboration Is the New Competitive Edge

There aren’t many secrets among friends. At least not between, Kiva, and GlobalGiving. For nearly half a decade, my GlobalGiving colleagues and I have been sharing intel with these peers (and a few others) via monthly phone calls and occasional meet-ups. Because we’re all working to improve our giving communities, nearly every strategy and tactic is open for discussion. Especially when it comes to donor engagement and retention.

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10 Nov

‘Sky is the limit’ for philanthropic tech start-ups in Middle East

by Hala Fadel


I was moderating a panel last month in Amman at the award ceremony of the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab ‘Innovate for Refugees’ competition when MIT professor Admir Masic emotionally said: “Today, the sky is the limit”.

At first, it felt like a rather cliché statement, on further reflection this well-used phrase became one of those ‘aha’ moments for me.

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