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Find “Short Description” and “Long Description / Boilerplate” as well as our brand assets including our official social channels.

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Add your Organization

Be part of the heart of civil society in the Arab World.
The following instruction will guide you how to add your organization to the NGO Directory.

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Certificate of Participation

Celebrate the Heroes.
Inspire your students with our Certificate of Participation certifying your students as heroes for engaging with their free donations at Click to Help.
Recognize their time and efforts in contributing as a power of Good.

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Certifcate of Participation

Ambassador of Good

Spread the message of Good.
An ambassador of good is someone who is passionate about a mission and wants to raise awareness of that mission through social media or other communication tools. Our ambassador of good program is perfect for anyone who is also social media savvy and wants to volunteer their time to

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Credit where credit is due.

We are an organization that believes we are an aggregate of knowledge of the past which enabled to be who we are today and hopefully in turn inspire others as well.
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