14 Apr

New Partnership: Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World

We are proud to welcome our new partner:

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University was established in 1973. At that time, it was the first such institute in the Arab world, and among the first globally! The Institute focuses on advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality through education, research, development programs, and outreach at the national, regional, and international levels. In short, IWSAW works at the intersection of academia and activism.  In education, the Institute created and supports gender-focused programming such as the MA in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies and the Gender in Development and Humanitarian Assistance continuing education certificate. IWSAW’s research on gender issues includes the bi-annual journal Al-Raida (The Pioneer) as well as Country Gender Profiles and a range of other issues. The Institute also promotes sustainable community-based development projects. IWSAW’s animated song on gender equality In My Hand and their student video competition are examples of more creative approaches to promoting equality. The winner for 2017 is Misplaced Guilt and for 2016 is Covering Up – both very powerful videos! Check out the monthly update and Facebook and Twitter for the latest information – and ways to get involved!

The spirit of collaboration between IWSAW & aims to raise awareness on issues relevant to women in the Arab World and identifying new ways to support their empowerment.

Start your journey today:

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