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The Virgin Lady Organization to take care of Iraqi Families

The Virgin Lady Organization to take care of Iraqi Families
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منظمة السيدة العذراء لرعاية الأسرة العراقية


Helping the Iraqi family to overcome challenging conditions they are going through and to provide the material and material assistance and all that is necessary to help them
Help Iraqi women who have been subjected to violence, cruelty and injustice in all their forms (family, community and terrorist) and rehabilitate them according to scientific and practical programs to be a constructive actor in cooperation and coordination with women’s organizations and interested in this regard.
Creating job opportunities for young people of both sexes
Developing and developing professional skills and craftsmanship by supporting small workshops and transforming them into productive manual production
Creating work projects and opening up areas for the family to improve their living conditions, support them economically and raise their standard of living
Overcoming the problems of society, crossing crises and spreading cultures (freedom of opinion, human rights and peaceful coexistence of society), and all that would rid Iraqi society of extremism
Support family members to develop their scientific, practical, cultural and intellectual competence by engaging them in courses and sharing experiences with scientifically developed societies through their non-governmental organizations
Encourage the convergence of students and young people with their counterparts in the world to achieve an atmosphere to benefit from the right experiences
Sustainable development of the Iraqi family in accordance with modern and successful development programs

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