The Centennial Fund
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Centennial Fund and national experience serious institutional aims to provide a new generation of businessmen and businesswomen Saudis, in addition to reducing the unemployment rate And the development of the local economy.Centennial Fund enable a new generation of Saudis and Saudi women start their own businesses through the guidance and facilitation and lending, and turning them from seeking jobs to job providers, helping them to achieve financial independence.

The centennial fund is an independent, non-profit foundation concerned with funding youth projects . Established in 1425 A.H, by the Royal decree No.190/A , And was named the Centennial Fund because of its launch at a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was celebrating 100 years since its foundation by King Abdul-Aziz – May Allah bless him -

The Centennial Fund is considered an institutional work pursuant of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom ambitions and aspiration to support the youth to start their small and medium-sized projects ,and to be the supporting front for entrepreneurs and pioneers amidst the new economic trends that encourages business initiatives of small investors .p>

The idea for creating the Centennial Fund first emerged at a time when there was scarceness of programs supporting youth project to decrease the unemployment and develop the local economy . And since then , a specialized committee started studying the idea through looking into projects supporting the youth in other countries . The Youth Business International ( YBI), a program based in the united kingdom that has proved successful after its application in almost 40 countries , was chosen by the committee .
To be the leading foundation for enabling young people to be successful business owners.
To enable the new generation of Saudis to start their own businesses through guidance , facilitation and lending , converting them from job-seekers to job-creators and helping them achieve financial independence.
Values and goals

Transparency & integrity
The spirit of team work
Focusing on customers
Goal oriented


To help create new job opportunities
Helping the local economy to grow through creating productive projects
Increasing the chances for project success through funding , training and mentoring
Developing and supporting creative ideas in the business perimeter


King Abdulaziz Road E5
Saudi Arabia
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Mohammed mehraj u din shalla | March 30, 2020
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