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Regional Center For Social & Developmental Researches

Regional Center For Social & Developmental Researches
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Regional Center For Social & Developmental Researches
‎المركز الأقليمى للأبحاث الإجتماعية و التنموية‎
Centre régional de recherche sociale et le développement

The Regional Center For Social & Developmental Researches operates on 4 sectors:

Administrative sector
1- Establishment of service entities working on the development and dissemination of the society under the umbrella of the law of 84 Assembly of the year 2001.
2 – Planning of various initiatives started from the management of objectives / training / mobilization / registration.
3- Writing a proposal for development projects and nominating them to donors.
4- Preparing detailed budgets for projects.
5. Review and approve annual budgets.
6 – Working on activating the mechanism of networking between different service entities from the reality of the activities and projects active.
7- Preparing the internal regulations for associations and civil institutions
8. Preparing and drafting various reports

Technical sector
1- Preparation of administrative training programs for cadres and leaders of NGOs, institutions and private centers.
2- Preparing training programs for:
– Health Awareness.
* Prevention of viral diseases
* Proper nutrition with diabetes and ways of co-existence with positive, ways to reduce the possibility of infection.
– Management of field efforts.
– Volunteering and community service.
– Effective communication skills and collective work.
3- Preparing, planning and implementing the necessary training for the infection control teams in the medical field and medical institutions.

Research sector
1. Behavioral monitoring of cases of violence in society.
2. Preparing preparatory surveys for development projects.
3. Comprehensive survey campaigns.
4. Monitoring cases of violence in closed communities (hospitals / treatment clinics / prisons / closed centers).
5. Work to correct the situation of the providers of health, medical and pharmaceutical services outside the legal umbrella.
6. Preparing and compiling comprehensive manuals for different fields.

Media sector
1. Comprehensive coverage of voluntary / institutional initiatives.
2 – attracting media lighthouses supporting the various files.

+20 101 735 8091
+2 01221069262


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