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Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs
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جمعية القطرية لتأهيل ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة

Mission of the Society

The Society tries to social, mental, academic and healthy rehabilitation of the people of special needs in the society in commensurate with the Islamic principles, traditions, customs and peculiarities of the Qatari society, considering the innovation of the services and programs to pace with the urban and humanitarian developments taking place in the society.

Philosophy of the Society

The Society aims to provide a great extent of social, mental, healthy, material and educational care to its people of special needs who are registered with the Society, whether from the natives or the residents, available in Qatar without and difference in the colour or sex or nationality or religion or social or financial level.

نشاة وتأسيس الجمعية

1. Name of the Society :

The Article (2), Chapter Two off the Memorandum of Association of the firm states that the name of the firm shall be Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs and its headquarter will be at Doha.

2. Incorporation of the Society :

The Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs has been incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 2 of 1971 regarding the incorporation of the societies and its amended laws, as a charity society with legal entity for an unlimited period. The Society has commenced its activities and business since 04/11/1412 (Hijri), corresponding to 06/05/1992. It was enrolled in the records of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (previously) as a Qatari national society at the ledger prepared for this purpose under No. (5). Whereas, the Society is now under the Department of Social Affairs under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

+974 44663232 / +974 44663845
+974 44663873


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