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Professional Development Foundation

Professional Development Foundation
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Professional Development Foundation
جمعية التطوير والتنمية
Fondation de développement professionnel

Our Mission
To create an empowered, talented workforce alongside our commitment to create a capable civil society both of which will serve in enhancing Egypt’s economic growth, social well-being and global competitiveness.
Our Vision
To become a beacon of empowerment and sustainability for both youth and civil society respectively.
Our Values
We share a common vision and values. Our values are rooted in our fundamental commitment to making economic value creation and youth empowerment inseparable objectives. The values we uphold are respect, resourcefulness, innovation, communication and teamwork. Not only do they guide all of our policies and approaches, they also endow PDF with a personality that allows us to reach a wider base of youth and underprivileged communities around Egypt.

Egypt’s evolving strategy for sustainable economic growth is increasingly relying on the private sector in assuming a greater role in providing the necessary leadership for expanding and pursuing new markets, generating new products or services, and attracting foreign investments. Economic reforms thus far have resulted in a substantial growth rate. Significant reshaping of the present business environment is essential to effect a new workforce culture that is more responsive to a liberalized economy and competitive marketplace, thereby leading to reach an aspired growth rate.

This will require reorientation of organizations’ culture and operating environment, re-engineering of systems and processes, and adopting new technologies to produce the high-quality, low-cost products and services desired in today’s global markets. Innovative, visionary leaders and qualified managers supported by a highly skilled and capable workforce will lead Egypt’s private sector corporate transformation towards a greater level of entrepreneurship, managerial responsibility, leadership and accountability.

In November 1998, several leading figures in Egypt‘s private sector realized a need to develop the country’s business culture so that Egypt could compete in an increasingly sophisticated global economic arena. They founded the Professional Development Foundation  (PDF), a nonprofit organization, with the aim of bolstering Egypt’s bold strategy for achieving sustainable economic growth through global competition by helping to create a tech-oriented and skilled workforce that could confront the needs of the new century.

PDF is looking to transform the culture of the private sector and reorient it to international norms of excellence and achievement. This will require inculcating new modes of workplace operation, updating and re-engineering existing systems, and adopting new technologies. PDF targets human resources at all corporate levels, from executive to middle management to junior executives and recent graduates, in an effort to build and support modern and effective management institutions and practices.

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