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Peace Initiatives

Peace Initiatives
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Peace Initiatives

Our mission is to promote and expand a culture of peace and diversity throughout Lebanon, through recreational, cultural, educational and artistic activities. We believe that Lebanon has hardly tapped into its cultural and religious diversity because of its fragmentation. People boast about the country’s diversity but do not know much about it. Through our activities, we encourage people to discover and explore cultural and religious differences, by becoming more mobile, curious and engaging. We aim at developing projects that expand and develop cross-communal, interfaith and intercultural dialogue and reconciliation. Peace Initiatives engages in activities that diffuse a peace culture and uphold and advance cultural and religious diversity. Our actions are mostly youth oriented. We believe that youth play a special role in the struggle against mistrust, prejudice, resentment and ignorance. We find it crucial to enable them to become irreplaceable actors in the maintenance and advancement of peace.

L’Usine Alita Byblos 1401 Lebanon


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