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To be a leading think and do tank in Palestine and in the Middle East that contributes to the building of a free and modern Palestinian state and democratic society.
Pal-Think for Strategic Studies
A think and do tank
Gaza, Palestine
PalThink for Strategic Studies is an independent non-profit, non-political, non-governmental and non-sectarian think and do tank that aims to stimulate and inspire rational public discussions and consensus for the well-being of the Palestinians and the Region. It gives a clear platform for constructive debate and abundant research regarding the Palestinian and regional issues.

Pal-Think was established in 2007 in Gaza-Palestine by a group of Palestinian researchers and community activists who have intimate relations and diverse knowledge of the Middle East, its current problems, potentials and possibilities. There were more than 200 researchers, authors, politicians, activists either presented papers or moderated sessions and conferences organized by PalThink. Along its work, PalThink built a huge network and relations with various local and international institutions besides working with all segments walks of life.

To be a leading think and do tank in Palestine and in the Middle East that contributes to the building of a free and modern Palestinian state and democratic society.

Mission Statement:
To promote peace, freedom and prosperity through debate on public issues, and produce policy recommendations to the decision makers in Palestine and Middle East.  PalThink aims to perform constructive and facilitative roles in the rationalization of public discussions, thinking and decision processes, and improves the Palestinians’ life quality by promoting innovative development solutions that challenges mainstream thinking on politics, economics and social issues.

Target image:
PalThink for Strategic Studies is ambitious to be:

Highly credible and effective scholarly research center.
Attractive to those who have an idea that needs further researching and exploration.
A place that provides a supportive incubator to the liberal, free and diversified thoughts and ideas.
A place that produces policy recommendations that attract the attention and the respect of the private sector, governments and civil society institutions.

Board of Directors:
PalThink’s board of directors includes three good governors dedicate their efforts for the improvement and development of the guiding principles of PalThink’s work. Each year PalThink holds its annual assembly for the purpose of electing the directors of the coming year, and accepts the annual financial statement and the budget. 

Focus Areas:
1) Politics and Governance, PalThink focuses on issues such as:

The current and future political system in Palestine.
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
The democratization of the Palestinian political system.

 2) Economic Studies, PalThink focuses on issues such as:

Promoting the values of free economy, property rights and individual choice.
Developmental programs in the Palestinian territories
Maximizing the benefit of the intentional aid.
Enhancing the regional cooperation.

 3) Social issues, Pal Think focuses on issues such as:

Reinforcing cooperation and the acceptance of the other.
Reinforcing social values like reconciliation and tolerance among the Palestinians. 
Entertainment projects for the children.

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Gaza City
Haboush Street, Al Remal
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