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Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute

Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute
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Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute
معهد أبحاث السياسات الاقتصادية الفلسطيني (ماس)
Institute du Recherche Economique Palestinien

MAS is dedicated to producing sound and innovative policy research, relevant to the economic and social development in Palestine, with the aim of assisting policy-makers and fostering public participation in the formulation of economic and social policies.
Background & Mission Statement

The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute, or Ma’had Abhath As-Syasat Al-Iqtisadiya Al-Filastini (MAS), is an autonomous non-profit establishment based in Ramallah. The institute is dedicated to producing sound, innovative policy research aimed at fostering economic and social development in Palestine.

Founded in June 1994, MAS began operating at its East Jerusalem-based headquarters. However, restrictions on access to Jerusalem as well as other constraints imposed by Israeli authorities forced MAS to relocate to rented premises in Ramallah in 1996. In 2010, MAS headquarters moved once again to its current location in Al-Masyoun neighborhood in Ramallah. The property is owned by MAS and was built with the help of a generous grant from the government of South Korea.

The mission of the institute is to aid and support policymakers and institutions working in the field of economic development by providing knowledge and tool they might need to achieve their objectives, and to encourage public involvement in the formulation of economic and social policies.

MAS is governed by statutes that determine its administrative structure and regulate its administrative and financial affairs. The Director General is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is responsible for direct supervision of MAS’s operations including the implementation of the annual program and budget. The Director General is assisted by the Director of Research and the Director of Finance and Administration. MAS commissions a Research Advisory Group that oversees the quality of its research. In addition to experienced researchers, MAS employs professional staff who provide administrative and technical support, as needed, to achieve the objectives of the Institute.

MAS endeavors to achieve the following:

Produce quality analytical work on economic policy alternatives and options which will enhance the decision-making process among Palestinian policy makers;
Provide expert advice and analysis on various aspects of long and short term economic policies and strategies;
Serve as a bridge between scholarly output and public policy and as a forum for public debate on economic policy issues, through, inter alia, the dissemination of research findings; and
Attract qualified Palestinian and international economists and other social scientists to work on Palestinian economic development issues.


The means by which the Institute seeks to achieve its objectives include:

Economic policy-oriented research and activities;
Economic research and activities of strategic orientation;
Monitoring of economic and social trends, analysis of key economic issues, and forecasting of economic indicators;
Joint activities and cooperation with national and international organizations through seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, research, and hosting researchers in the field of economic policy;
Publishing reports, studies, and research findings; and
Housing critical information resources to meet the needs of researchers.



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