No borders Humanity organization

No borders Humanity organization
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Organization's Official Name: No borders Humanity organization
Organization's Name in Arabic: منظمة بلا حدود الانسانية
Acronym: NBHO
Type: Non-Governmental

Aspire NBH (No borders humanity organization) to be the leading national institution in the field of promotion of education & Teaching on human rights and citizenship and techniques to transform conflict and building peace in order to build a democratic Iraqi civil society of social justice.

Iraqi Humanitarian organization, non-governmental and non-profit, non-political work in the field of relief and development community was founded in16.10. 2003 by a number of activists in the field of human rights education and business registered in accordance with national laws and the United Nations database
Work in order to entrench the values of citizenship to those working non-governmental organizations and other groups marginalized and vulnerable members of Iraqi civil society particularly the youth of both sexes, because of violence and immigration and lack of trust between citizens and policymakers
We are working to empower civil society organizations and community leaders and individuals in the field of sustainable development the organizations:
– Citizenship
– Human rights
– Welfare
– Peace

Phone Number: +9647813524402
City: Nassiriyah
Country: Iraq
Website Address:


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