Jordanian Teachers Association
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نقابة المعلمين الأردنيين

The Jordanian Teachers Association was established in 2011 - an elected legal body with financial and administrative independence established by Law No. 14 of 2011 representing the teachers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and seeking to upgrade the teacher and the letter of education and defend the individual and collective rights of members belonging to the profession of education and The legitimate means and the development of areas related to his profession.
Vision: - Pioneer union .. Distinguished teacher .. A sophisticated education system .. A creative generation and a .. And a safe and supportive environment.
Mission: - Upgrading the professional and economic level of the teacher and developing a system of education that conforms to the principles of the nation. - Participate in providing a safe and supportive educational environment for moral education.
Objectives of the union: - A real partnership with the Ministry of Education and professional institutions and trade unions and national and Arab bodies related to the educational dimension and educational. - Rejuvenative reform of educational and educational process and attention to gender. - Raise the professional level and professionalism of the practical performance of teachers and contribute to planning, training and development and create an environment conducive to creativity, innovation and scientific research. - Protecting the interests, rights and gains of teachers and providing health, education, economic and social services to achieve safety of life. - Achieving justice and objectivity in evaluation and activating supervision in the selection of administrative and supervisory functions and promotions missions and grants. And effective and predictable outputs. - Justice in the provision of educational grants and investment loans and contracts of rewarding work and investment of funds for the benefit of teachers.

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Jordanian Teachers Syndicate, Hni Snobar St 14, Airport Road
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