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Jabalia Rehabilitation Society

Jabalia Rehabilitation Society
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Jabalia Rehabilitation Society

JRS is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO with the purpose of providing, implementing, establishing and promoting comprehensive rehabilitation for growing number of persons with disabilities and hearing and speech-language Disabilities, Raise the Awareness of the community to deal with their needs; through capacity building, hearing and speech-language rehabilitation, empowerment, provision of Assistive Devices and community Awareness Raising programs.

The NGO originated in the Jabalya refugee camp in the first of the month of August 1991 a voluntary effort and in-kind and financial assistance from the international relief agency in Gaza / disabled program. Assembly is the first community rehabilitation center was created in partnership with the international relief agency Relief and Works Agency in Gaza as a pilot project to apply in the rest of the Gaza Strip refugee camps, was done in the first of the month of August 1991, until the completion of registration in the Ministry of the Interior under number 4010 in the …
In 1995, and registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs under No. 261 in 1998, and the Ministry of Education. It is owned by the Society for International Relief Agency, which was feeding centers until the year 1988.
Based on the Association of Local family (AGM) it is made up of thirty-two members, all volunteers, and the election of a board of directors from nine members every three years, was elected last board of directors in April 5, 2010.
The most important advantages: Assembly is working at the level of the northern Gaza Strip, which is the only organization that provides services in the field of education of deaf people in the kindergarten and school, and hearing screening, installation and maintenance of hearing aids, which are registered with all relevant ministries, and relies on volunteer community work. Assembly membership: Committee for the upper link to rehabilitation centers in the provinces of UNRWA services, a network of Palestinian NGOs, and the Coordinating Committee for CRCs in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, and rehabilitation institutions gathered in the northern Gaza Strip.
Society’s headquarters: Headquarters is located in the center of Jabalya refugee camp, Jabalya refugee camp in exchange mail, and next to the clinic the agency’s headquarters, from the northern Gaza Strip. The Assembly established the area about 1,500 square meters and contains the headquarters of the three main buildings, namely:
Building school education of the deaf students, the Board of Directors, and the computer lab and training room.
Building community activities, and my clinic audiologist and speech, and the accounting department and the executive management of the Assembly.
Created from the shops and lounges building, all of which are rented to generate income for the association to help cover the expenses of Assembly.
Facilities for outdoor activities consisting also available at the Assembly of the stadium and arena sandy equipped children’s games, green garden and the cafeteria to break beneficiaries.
Sub-headquarters (strengthening capacity center): Located in the east of Beit Lahia field next to Sheikh Zayed City, and since outfitted with artistic and cultural activities, which are held for the benefit of children and young people of both sexes (with disabilities and others).
Enterprise areas: education, health, rehabilitation, vocational training, summer camps work.

+972 82481807, +970 599403805
+972 2484040


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