Iraqi Al-Amal Association
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Iraqi Al-Amal Association in Brief :

Iraqi Al-Amal Association is a non-political, non-sectarian association of volunteers actively engaged in projects for the benefit and well being of the Iraqi population regardless of race, gender and political or religious affiliation.

Al-Amal was established in 1992 in the midst of the horrific conditions prevailing after the Second Gulf War with the aim of providing aid to relieve the suffering of the Iraqi people.
Al-Amal started its work in Iraqi Kurdistan where many programmes and projects were executed.

In May 2003, the head office of Al-Amal was opened in Baghdad. Its activities and
services are now provided throughout Iraq ranging from health services to training and from
capacity building to advocacy. The aim is for the rehabilitation of the people and for influencing the social consciousness towards the creation of a modern civil society.

its programmes aim to combat all forms of violence and discrimination, the promotion of the culture of Human Rights, Gender Equality, tolerance and social peace, the carrying-out of income-generating projects as well as providing psychosocial assistance and training courses to vulnerable sectors, so that they can participate efficiently in public life. Al-Amal also works on the question of law reform, along with the rehabilitation of workers in police and judicial fields, with the aim of securing the supremacy of law and justice in society.

Since its establishment and continuous, the law(NGO's Law)-by of Al-Amal, confirmed its identity to work for all Iraqis without discrimination. In addition, the composition of its founders and members of Board has reflected the variety of ethnicity, religious and gender balance.

IAA has been registered at NGO’s Assistance Office within Planning Ministry under
the # 1Z687 on 2004. A renewal registration at NGO’s director has been issued on 03/05/2011. In addition, IAA has been registered at Interior Minister in Kurdistan Region under the # 1151 on 17-7- 1994.

All projects are based on needs assessment studies and, although initially financed by funding organizations, the projects are continued on self-financing basis wherever possible.

Al-Amal has established a multi-layer control and monitoring procedure in order to maintain a proper accountability and transparency at all levels of management.

The Mission: Rehabilitation of the Iraqi citizens to raise social consciousness and to contribute to building a civil state of democracy in Iraq.
The values : ​​citizenship, social justice, equality, transparency, accountability.
The vision: a civil society organization and effective partner in making decision and policy formulation and implementation.

Phone Number
Baghdad, Elwiyah, Sector 903, Rd. 14, House no. 6,


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