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I Watch

I Watch
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I Watch

I WATCH gathers a group of motivated young men and women from different regions of the country working on preserving the gains of the revolution. I WATCH is founded upon two main principles; 1) No exclusion. I WATCH does not exclude anybody on the basis of religion, political or even regional background; 2) No trusteeship. I WATCH believes in the youth and empowers them; Young men and women who made the revolution are trustworthy and should be involved in the decision-making process. No trusteeship should be exercised over the youth under the pretext of “lack of experience”.

I WATCH works mainly on two axes: transparency and corruption. As for transparency, I WATCH makes sure that all political events are transparent including pre and post election monitoring. I WATCH also seeks to facilitate access to information. Believing that corruption is one of the reasons that triggered the revolution, I WATCH fights corruption all over the country. I WATCH also works on the democratization of the police and guaranteeing a smooth political transition in the post-revolution period. I WATCH also worked on voter education and observing the last elections.

I-WATCH exists in 4 different governorates: Tunis, Kairouan, Djerba and Gafsa.

14 Rue d’Irak , Etage 4, 1002 Lafayette Tunis


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