Gaza Urban Agriculture Platfom(GUPAP)

Gaza Urban Agriculture Platfom(GUPAP)
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Organization's Official Name: Gaza Urban Agriculture Platfom(GUPAP)
Organization's Name in Arabic: منتدى غزة للزراعة الحضرية
Acronym: GUPAP
Type: Non-Governmental

GUPAP initiative came within a project that was funded by SDC and implemented by Oxfam and RUAF in cooperation with key local organizations (2013-2017). ‘Facilitating urban and peri-urban agriculture in Gaza’ project was implemented with the aim to increase income for men and women engaged in small-scale urban and peri-urban agriculture in the Gaza Strip. Both project and GUPAP’s inter-related specific objectives (outcomes) revolve around service supply markets, extension services and enabling policy and governance frameworks.

Phone Number: +970-08-2866868
City: Gaza City
Address: Rimal
Country: Palestine
Website Address:


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