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Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs

Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs
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Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs
المجلس المصري للشؤون الخارجية
Conseil égyptien des affaires étrangères

The mission of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs is to achieve a deep and objective understanding of all external issues at the regional and international levels in order to serve Egypt’s strategic, economic and political interests. The Council relies on the ideas and experiences of its members with specializations, diverse experiences and communication with the public, and on inviting them to participate in the discussion of certain issues of public figures and specialized experts, Egyptians and foreigners, to enrich the discussion and reach the desired purpose and purpose.

Egypt has always had a foreign policy with which to interact with its region and with the world. Over the past seven decades, the movement’s circles have expanded and deepened in the Egyptian foreign policy and have played a number of active and influential roles in regional and international issues during the past two decades. Regional and international to achieve and provide the requirements for internal reconstruction and accelerate the achievement of economic and social recovery.

The international environment has witnessed profound changes in the nature of the international system and the relations of forces. This coincides with the transformation of the international economic system and the dimensions taken by the information and communications revolution and the emergence of the cultural factor in international relations. The 1990s also marked the emergence of ethnicities and nationalities that might lead to disappearance Countries and the emergence of other countries. In short, all this has cast a shadow over foreign policy, adding to it a burden of awareness, analysis and practice.

In light of these changes and the challenges associated with them, facing the Egyptian foreign policy, it was necessary to establish an Egyptian platform that represents the Egyptian civil society’s understanding of these changes, and contributes its expertise in discussing its issues and deepening public awareness of it and presenting its ideas and initiatives. And foreign countries that visit Egypt and meet representatives of Egyptian civil society and discuss with them on various issues as well as the bilateral relations between their countries and organizations and Egypt, while at the same time establishing working links and cooperation with similar centers and institutions interested in foreign policy in the Outside.

This was the result of the thought of a group of foreign policy enthusiasts on these goals, which were characterized by diversity in their professional backgrounds, which included diplomats, academics, military personnel, businessmen, writers and public figures.

+20 2 2528 1091
+20 2 2528 1093
Tower No.2 Osman TowersKomish el Nile-Maadi


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