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Organization's Name in Arabic
Moroccan Red Crescent
Organization's Name in another language
الهلال الأحمر المغربي

Moroccan Red Crescent, a non-governmental organization of public utility created on December 24, 1957, is presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess LALLA MALIKA. C.R.M. is a member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, very active in the relief and international solidarity plan. It partners with the government in the primary health, prevention and social welfare programs for the population.
The contribution of C.R.M. in the organization of emergencies in Morocco can be summed up in:

The role of the emergency stations.
The role of the rescuers.
The role of health centers.
The role of ambulances.

Rescue Stations:
The commissioning of fixed and mobile rescue stations in which volunteer or volunteer rescue workers work is one of the classic activities of any Red Cross and Red Crescent society.
They can be adapted to different needs such as the ambulance service, the social service, the service of a doctor.
For the spirit of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, there is no question of substituting for public needs but of relieving them and strengthening their action. C.R.M. makes available to the population a minimum of assistance, the most advanced care will be provided in clinics and hospitals after evacuation.
These help stations are very useful during mass events (at the seaside - sporting, cultural, religious -fairs - schools - factories etc.) the posts are staffed with reduced staff trained for the speed of assembly and disassembly in case of disasters or distress.
In case of need, these rescue centers can be:

A building borrowed from a public institution;
A large ambulance that can serve as a fixed or mobile station;
Containers that can be moved using a trailer truck;
Premises built in hard for periodic interventions (beaches, road rescue etc.).

The task of these first aid posts is immediate action for first aid:

Emergency care of wounds, minor burns;
Orientation of the patient;
Evacuation of patients to hospitals if necessary.

The Rescuers:
Active first-aid helpers are called to work in the relief posts, they have a training superior to that received by the population in general in the field of first aid.
They receive training of 20 to 50 hours at least and are introduced to the general principles of treatment of the sick and wounded, how to assist nurses and doctors; This basic training is completed by a 3 to 4 week internship in a large hospital and preferably in an emergency department.
The rescuer works as an auxiliary he does not give paramedical or medical care.

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