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Blue Mission Organization

Blue Mission Organization
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Blue Mission Organization

Blue Mission is a nongovernmental organization established in 2002 for peace education. It was established after the occurrence of many conflicts in Lebanon. Even though war destroyed a lot of infrastructure and the economy of Lebanon, it failed to destroy the hopes of its citizens who seeks a better future lived upon the basics of the human rights. Personal experiences were one of the major motives to our volunteers in helping us throughout our mission. Their war experiences were as horrible as witnessing people running for their lives, children lying dead on the streets, and survivors struggling with extremely deprived life conditions. On the other hand, the creation of the Palestinian refugee camps only made our volunteer’s dream for a safer and a just world grow stronger.

Blue Mission is a Lebanese, non religious and non political organization that works with different people without discriminating them according to their gender, age, nationality or believes.

From 1985 founders of Blue Mission were involved in peace building and organizing many events in the field of peace education. That is because they believed that only education and facilitating dialogue can create peaceful world.

+961 7 659110
+961 7 732 636
Nahouli Building, Riyad Solh Street


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