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Aura Society

Aura Society
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Aura Society

Build the capacity of community in such a way to enhance the quality of scientific research and abilities of physicists to take part in improving the local society.
Aura is a Palestinian NGO whose goal is to promote science in the society, support physicists by training courses and providing scholarships, strengthening the relation between university teachers and schools teachers in the subject and make physics fun.
The NGO works with the local community by using innovative tools that allow those engaged in the debate over issues to participate in meetings, public debates and broadcast events to better involve and inform citizens on environmental, public health and economical issues.
Aura wants to contribute improve quality of lives and create temporary jobs in a concrete step to reduce poverty and give hope to vulnerable categories at the community scales. For achieving this goal, our NGO helps to identify possibilities for collective action at all levels, thereby contributing to raise environmental and health awareness on key issues in the Gaza Strip like water, waste water, solid waste and natural resources. Later, facilitating the formulation of agreements and plans of action, at national and community levels that support public health, social, cultural, and environmental progress. Participants in NGO process include representatives from institutions, syndicates, NGOs, environmentalists and civil society movements. The specific guidelines and expected outcomes of the NGO mediation are defined by its participants. Since 2010, Aura is according a specific attentions to issues related to the promotion of environmental awareness in the Gaza Strip, through a process aimed at supporting civil society organizations empowerment and networking.

+970 2860707, +970 599603534, +970 598268586
+970 2823011
Gaza City
Omar El-Mokhtar Street


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