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Association Tunisienne de Sensibilisation au Don d’Organes

Association Tunisienne de Sensibilisation au Don d’Organes
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The Tunisian Association of Organ Donation Awareness was created in 1998. It is ranked among the associations e bienfaisances and social assistance. Its mission is the dissemination of the culture of giving to the citizen: 1. Sensitizing citizens about the importance of organ donation. 2. Disseminating information regarding the legal guarantee, religious and medical related to organ donation. 3. Collaborating with organizations in order to promote the number of people carrying the donor mention on their national identity cards and reduce the incidence of family opposition in situations of multi-organ harvesting of the waning a brain death. 4. The National Center for the Promotion of Organ Transplantation is considered privileged partner of the Tunisian Association of Organ Donation Awareness.

maison du coeur-201,rue du lac Huron-1053 les berges du lac


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