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Association Tunisienne d’Accessibilité aux Personnes Handicapées

Association Tunisienne d’Accessibilité aux Personnes Handicapées
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Tunisian Association of access for people with disabilities are of a social nature organization that aims primarily to help people with disabilities to get autonomy in everyday life , and the organization was founded by a group of young people.
What is Availability?
Availability: is to make the surrounding persons elements of the environment with special needs in the reach of their use by amending these elements and change their specifications even fit these people capabilities, and availability in this sense is lacking in Tunisia clearly, as most of the elements of the environment we have , either in the street or at home , or in the way of movement or or others school does not fit at all with limited capabilities. the right the availability is the right of every person with a disability in order to participate equally in any activity, without putting obstacles in front of him. This right is a comprehensive right to a large extent , where for each person with a disability. Therefore, our objectives are: – the integration of the disabled in everyday life as normal. Without resorting to assistance. – Disabled person to access the same services, tools, facilities , and systems that are used by everyone. – To identify obstacles and barriers to accessibility and removal. – The right to participate equally in any activity, without putting obstacles in front of him. To achieve this goals we will work to: – create and propose projects, ideas and laws. – increase the society ‘s awareness of the Government and people the extent of Ohmat to allow the one hand and how the possibility of intervention on the other. – activating the laws guaranteed by the law in this area. – design, development, production and distribution technologies and systems information and communications People with disabilities to access, at an early stage, so that these technologies are systems accessible at minimum cost. – work to provide forms of live assistance and intermediaries, including guides, readers and professional sign language interpreters, banners, to facilitate accessibility to buildings and other facilities open to the general public.

8 Rue Abou Alaa Al Maari Cité Ennajet Ouedelil 2021


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