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Association Les Amis des Oiseaux

Association Les Amis des Oiseaux
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Association Les Amis des Oiseaux
جمعية أحباء الطيور
Friends of Birds Association

Birds are everywhere and are valuable indicators of the state of biodiversity, the true barometers of environmental change.
The richness of the Important Areas for Conservation (ZICO), Protected Areas and Ramsar sites is evidence of this: Tunisia is a land of welcome for millions of migratory and sedentary birds among which several species are threatened and in decline. “Studying, monitoring and protecting the Tunisian, sedentary and migratory avifauna, and its habitats “. This is the mission that the AAO has set itself to face the pressure always growing on the birds by the human activities and the vagaries of the nature.
It has mobilized for a better legal and institutional framework for hunting, protected areas and wildlife management.
It combats poaching and the destruction of key habitats and sites. It also contributes to better knowledge of birds and of their habitats through studies, follow-up programs, information campaigns, awareness campaigns and publications.
Because its actions cover the entire Tunisian territory, the AAO has created regional sections. These sections contribute to the of the objectives of the AAO through the realization and supervision of the activities and events that concern their governorates.

If the AAO achieves its goal, it is also thanks to:

Tunisian Ornithological Group (GTO)

This scientific section, made up solely of volunteers, carries out regular follow-up of the avifauna and the different natural sites of Tunisia.
During these field sessions, the group also trains new members, observers and future ornithologists. The GTO represents the AAO in international conservation networks and regularly publishes reports and ornithological articles.

Mini Ornithological Club (MCO)

This children’s club has been created with the aim of sensitizing future generations to the protection of nature and birds.
The MCO offers diversified activities, games, handicrafts, etc. Followed by discussions led by facilitators and GTO members.

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