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The First Women's Charity Association was established in Jeddah on 21/11/1382-18/5/1963 and registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs No. 1 by some of the society's women. It was founded in response to the cultural progress and modern renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom at that time and the urgent needs of the community such as maternity, rehabilitate the mirror and support family ties through social guidance, in-kind and financial assistance.

A generation able to break the cycle of poverty.

We work on positively developing the children of South Jeddah, enhancing their educational, professional and physical skills to achieve self-actualization.

Impact: we create positive impact on the community we work with.
Competitiveness: We build on our competitive advantage to better serve our beneficiaries.
Innovation: We constantly work on innovative ways to deliver services.
Communication: We believe in consistent communication with all of our stakeholders.

One of the Kingdom’s leading non-profits, AlOula, has been working around the clock to give back to the most vulnerable during the pandemic.
The female-led organization dedicates its time to women empowerment and education. During the lockdown in KSA back in March, many families in Jeddah couldn’t afford the luxury of social distancing and AlOula knew it had to step up its game and lend a helping hand.
With an impactful campaign, the slogan read “Alnass Libaed” (Arabic for People Are for Each Other), which conveys the importance of solidarity in times in hardships.
The Saudi organization, registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, was born in 1961 by a group of women to support the less-privileged in the south of Jeddah. Al Maaeena, AlOula’s CEO has had an extensive background in the fields of non-profits, especially on youth empowerment, event management, career counseling, management, and team building.

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Nizla behind the TV building
Saudi Arabia
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