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Aide et Insertion Sociale des Enfants de la Rue

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The AISER NGO (Help and Social Integration of Children of the Streets) founded in March 2008, is recognized by the state in April is an association of young volunteers sensitive to the situation of children, plans to conduct its actions and implementation research by a sincere approach, respectful and participatory solutions to the problems of children in difficult circumstances and particularly street children in the area of family reintegration, school and socio-professional reintegration, we have created the association in the concern to respond to the dramatic and damaging situation of children roaming the streets in search of bread or a better everyday life.

The phenomenon of street children is a phenomenon that is caused by the decreased level of supervision and protection provided to children, be it in the family or socially. This applies particularly to children belonging to poor families, deviant children, and children whose parents do not come to support them, the problem of street children is a fate that can happen to anyone what child, the situation of street children is most alarming distress signals that can emit a human community in crisis. It is criminal and guilty of dangerously leave whole swathes of humanity fall into the dustbin of history.

Who are we

The Mauritanian Association Support and Social Integration of Children of the Street (Aiser) was born in March 2007. It was founded by a group of young women susceptible to emotional and material poverty that live hundreds of street children in major urban centers of Mauritania.

Aiser by simple and concrete actions meant to help these children.

On the asset side of Aiser: distribution of clothes for thirty street children in February 2009, regular medical consultations in Koranic schools in favor of sick children and not receiving care, food aid (rice milk oil Sugar). in favor of schools.

+222 3660 50 52
23 Avenue de socogim


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