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Ahel partner with community groups and organizations that lead collective action to bring about change for justice and protection of human rights. We help organizations whose mission is to empower constituency groups be change agents and mobilize communities in active citizenship. Our main objective is to build people’s leadership and community power. While its office is located in Amman, it operates in the Middle East.


Training on public narrative, community organizing, campaign management, and leadership.
Coaching to campaigns and social movements on strategy, structure and expansion, action and motivation.
Arabic material on lessons learned, case studies and good practices related to collective action for change.

Over the past five years, we developed a reputation for helping groups and organizations engaged in public action with motivation, strategy and structure. We also developed a reputation for helping civil society organization see themselves as community builders and enablers of their constituency’ s leadership.

Ahel is a nonprofit created in 2011 by Nisreen Haj Ahmad and Mais Irqsusi. It is mentored by Professor Marshall Ganz of Harvard Kennedy School and is an affiliate of the Leading Change Network. It applies the value-based community organizing framework developed by Marshall Ganz and adapts it from its experiences in the Middle East. Ahel website is its website of mujtama3i is where it shares it learning and material under a creative commons license.


Since the beginning of our journey, Ahel has coached and trained 14 campaigns in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. Some achieved political change and others social change in different fields including women’s rights, persons with disability, workers rights, family rights, refugee rights, freedom and anti-discrimination). In addition, Ahel has partnered with three civil society organizations supporting them in their community mobilizing and organizing to achieve objective while building the power base (Ruwwad in Jordan, Maan and Jinsaniyah in Palestine). To date, Ahel has trained close to 2000 community members, leaders, and activists on community organizing and movement building practices. In all our endeavors, we teach people public narrative because it initiates agency and protects motivation. Ahel invests in building a body of knowledge in Arabic around leadership, community organizing, mobilizing and campaigning. It published 4 case studies and 33 articles on its learning website of mujtama3i.

+962 64633288
9 Al-Bayounieh Street, Jabal Al-Weibdeh


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