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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
مؤسسة عبد الحميد شومان

Founded in 1978 as a non-profit initiative by the Arab Bank by allocating part of its annual profits to its establishment, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation believes in the importance of exerting efforts in building the ground for Arab progress by supporting the national economy in parallel with taking serious care to encourage scientific research, And community innovation, and this is achieved through the three pillars on which the foundation is:

Leadership Thought
Literature and Arts
Community Innovation

The Foundation was named after the late founder of the Arab Bank (1888-1974), Abdel-Hameed Shoman, who believed in the importance of supporting science, funding, sponsoring and encouraging scientists, and fostering Arab human creativity.

The efforts of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation in promoting leadership thought through supporting various fields of scientific research by launching the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers in 1982, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund for Scientific Research Support in 1999 and the opportunity for a wider audience to communicate with intellectuals, During the activities and activities of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum, which was launched in 1986, in addition to enhancing the culture of scientific research and leadership among children and adolescents, and enriching education in Jordan by launching the Education and Science Program in 2014, which includes the launching of the Abdul Hameed Shoman exhibition for young scientists, Bur young innovators, as well as the revival of Abdul Hameed Shoman for science teachers, and support the participation of Jordanian students in the Intel Fair Science and Engineering Award.

In recognition of the importance of investing in literature and the arts, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Children’s Literature was launched in 2006. It established the first computerized library, ideally equipped in Jordan in 1986, in addition to supporting several libraries within its projects in Jordan and Palestine, (3-16 years) of different backgrounds for reading, interacting and participating in creative activities as part of an intellectual and creative journey of self-discovery, which coincided with the launch of the Children’s Film Program in P M.

The Foundation also worked to strengthen the culture of cinema and music, through the Cinema Program, which was established in 1989 to promote the culture of cinema and filmmaking community and culture. The film program offers carefully selected weekly offers of classic, modern and experimental films. As for music, Abdul Hameed Shoman launched the Musical evenings program in 2014, which is a platform for promising Jordanian and international experiences in the musical field. On the other hand, Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation launched the Poetry Nights in 2015 in partnership with the Watar Foundation for Culture and Creativity, which aims to celebrate poetry as a form of literature rooted in Arab heritage.

In an effort to empower Arab cultural and social innovation and to respond to issues of creativity and entrepreneurship, the Foundation launched a grant and support program in 2014, which is part of the Foundation’s social innovation pillar. The grant and support program is designed to enable cultural and social innovation. The program seeks to spread scientific endeavors that address pressing societal issues and provide sources of science, learning and educational space for all through the Leadership Thought Corner, which provides support for diverse cultural and scientific initiatives in Jordan and the Arab world, Science, channel and joy time on YouTube.

Within the center of literature and the arts, the Foundation also provides support both physically and in kind with the aim of providing arts for all and promoting cultural diversity in the community.

By providing community innovation grants, the Grants and Support Program seeks to spread creativity and innovation by focusing on young people, women and communities, as well as supporting pilot projects that contribute to building youth skills, accelerating social gains and addressing emerging changes through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Not only did the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation organize cultural and community activities throughout the institution, but also sought to expand its activities by setting up the days of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Foundation, which was launched by the Foundation in 2015. Through its cultural days, With communities outside the Jordanian capital, and to offer an integrated cultural and technical program targeting all groups. The first year of the launch witnessed the development of the days of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Foundation from the second Amman Cultural Week in Amman, Jordan, to the establishment of cultural days locally in the city of Aqaba and Arabia to the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The Foundation has a recognized position on the Arab cultural and scientific map, and it has close partnerships and close cooperation with institutions and intellectual, scientific and literary centers in the Arab world. The Foundation works to enhance its objectives and mission in achieving the culture and creativity community through its continuous and continuous efforts.

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