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A.M Qattan Foundation

A.M Qattan Foundation
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A.M Qattan Foundation

Development institution, an independent, non – profit, engaged in the development of culture and education in Palestine and the Arab world, with a focus on children, teachers, and young creators. Enterprise was founded and registered in 1993 in the UK as a charity (No. 1029450), and began work in Palestine in 1998 (No., QR-0035-F), where he concentrated work, with interventions in Lebanon through the project ” links: links through the arts . ” and in the United Kingdom through mosaic halls .

A knowledge society characterized by justice, freedom and tolerance, and embrace dialogue, estimated science, art, literature, produced, and has a global presence and active.

the letter
Independent enterprise engaged in the field of knowledge and creativity on a complementary bases with a variety of community groups, especially children, artists and young teachers; for a free man, a Palestinian, Arab, vitality and culture, human horizon participatory long-term, through programs that stimulate wonder and research, creativity and knowledge production, and constitutes an inspiring models characterized tender, transparency and excellence and exchange.

Human appreciation and defend their rights and dignity
Proceeding from the human heritage, and in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that people are born “free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”, the Foundation is working on the integration of self-development and service to others, taking into account balance between individual interests and public interests, and focus on providing public services and large-scale and high-level.

Freedom, pluralism, dialogue and knowledge production
Foundation believes in the right of every individual to freedom of thought, belief, and freedom of expression, they adopt these rights in the internal culture, and practice in the fields of culture and education, and adopt the principle of participation in the dialogue and practice, thus contributing to the production of knowledge.

Estimating the value of work in a spirit of fellowship and value of production
The Foundation realizes that to achieve its mission and general objectives depends on the effectiveness of the work being done, and its value, and its meaning for the categories with which to work, and strive to be within the spirit of fellowship and partnership between the organization and its staff and groups that are working with her children, and creative, and teachers and other beneficiaries .

Audacity right
The Foundation realizes that sustainable development, peace and justice, the right to require boldness, and bellow victory humanitarian issues fair.

+ 44 207 370 9990 ,+ 972 2 296 05 44
+ 972 2 298 4886
PO Box 2276 Ramallah – Palestine


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