Arab Beekeeping Association
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الجمعية العربية لتربية النحل

The Arab Beekeeping Association (APIARAB) is an Arab association for the development, organization, development and protection of the bee sector in the Arab world and it is a stage for associations, universities, academics and commercial institutions operating within the sector and for beekeeping professional and amateur individuals.

The leadership of the association seeks to achieve the goals through the tasks mentioned in the regulations and directives.

The Arab Beekeeping Association is concerned with promoting development in the scientific, technical, environmental, social, electronic, and economic fields of beekeeping and cooperation between beekeeping societies, scientific bodies and individuals interested in beekeeping in all Arab countries.
It also aims to put every initiative that can contribute to improving the performance of beekeeping and obtaining products in a profitable way into practice.
1- Transferring global science and expertise and putting it into practice.
2- Help and guide the beekeeper in the production and marketing of other bee products.
3- Supporting distinguished scientific research and working to find funders to convert the outputs of this research into products that the beekeeper can benefit from.
4- Regulating beekeeping in the Arab world in cooperation with the relevant ministries under the umbrella of the Arab Agriculture Organization.
5- Activating the work of women and rural families in raising bees and highlighting their role in developing this profession.
6- Establishing an electronic knowledge oasis for the Arab beekeeper, that includes all recent international, Arab and related scientific research.
7- Connecting the Arab Beekeeping Association (ApiArab) with international societies, especially Epomandia, twinning them and cooperating with them.
8- Establishing a database that includes statistics and information on beekeeping in the Arab world, scheduling and equipping it to be accessible to ministries and humanitarian societies.
9- Striving towards Arab self-sufficiency in relation to the bee industry and working to facilitate intra-regional trade between the OIC countries.

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Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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