17 Jan

Social Crisis in Lebanon

The insatiable appetite to steal Lebanon from any and all of its resources by the very people that lead it, i.e. corruption, is credited to the recent civil uprising by its citizens. The corruption’s victims even includes the children and all educational staff who work to rehabilitate and educate these children, young people and parents, that is reffered to as “social earthquake”.

Due to decreased purchasing power, bank closures, and currency/capital controls, Lebanon is experiencing its most serious social & economical challenges as well as drastic shortages of funding to the people most in need from medicines to medical supplies and assistance.

In implementation of the recommendation of the National Federation for Disability Affairs and in solidarity with all the competent institutions in Lebanon, the Orphan Care Association in Saida has implemented a protest this morning on the campus of the association’s entrance, with the participation of dozens of children and students with special needs in the Orphan Care Association in Saida and their families, department directors, employees and a number of individuals Union of Specialists in Social Health Work.

A social crisis that appeared on the horizon of the foggy scene more than a year ago was the delay in paying the dues of 103 associations concerned with education for people with special needs who were taken by the Ministry of Social Affairs to take care of and education, in other words, the fate of 12,000 children with additional needs is at stake in light of the closure A number of care institutions, while the rest are threatened with closure.

The head of the Orphan Care Association in Saida, Dr. Said Mekawi said in this report: “Unfortunately this year we did not celebrate the occasion of the International Day for Solid Wealth, but rather we are crying out.”

“We are calling on the Ministry of Social Affairs to sign 2019 contracts with follow-up and pursuit of them and set mechanisms for the coming years by signing them at the beginning of the year and not at the end of it with the invitation of His Excellency the Minister of Finance to accelerate the pace of disbursing associations dues to be a partnership between us and the state in serving this segment of our active children.”

He added:

“Our high-minded children must be a priority for the state represented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance because we believe that when these children are well-educated or rehabilitated they will be active actors in society.”

Lebanon is facing an unprecedented crisis and a breakdown in its social and economical foundations.

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